Startup Training Programs

This program is designed to equip the candidate with required skill set so as to startup his/her career.
It includes:

  • Soft skill training
  • Resume Writing
  • Process training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Group Discussions

Soft skill training
Team Spirit,Business Etiquette,Interpersonal Skills,Sociability,Negotiation Skills,Positive Attitude,Self-Motivation,Time Management

Resume Writing
Resume has a vital role to play in interviews. Resume is the first impression of an individual’s skills, ability and target orientation. Through resume, individuals present themselves in front of the company to get a job. With a well-made and effective resume, half a battle is won.

Process training
We offer customised process training to help your task force perform better. Our established training methods indoctrinate your team members in the skills of personal relations, delegation, endurance, tolerance and innovative working methods. Because today, hard work is not enough. One has to work smart AND hard.

Presentation Skills
Even skilled and experienced presenters can fail to motivate their audience. Confidence alone is not enough to deliver the right result. Presenters need skill and finesse. Either way, the results can be unhealthy for business leading to lost opportunities, resistance to change, credibility and reputation weakening.This course gives the ordinary presenter that ‘wow’ factor that really wins over an audience. In two fast, furious and intensive days of learning, participants build a personal excellence model that empowers them to work towards new influencing and audience winning techniques.This course is designed for learners who already deliver presentations and now want to perfect their personal delivery style. It is especially useful for those who have a specific presentation to deliver, which they can rehearse during the course.

Group Discussions